Error 101: How To Fix Google Play Error 101 In Android

Android is one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Android is the popular operating system because of its vast range of productivity and features, and Google Play Store is like a heart for Android. You can do anything with Android like change everything in Android; you can change status bar, keyboard, notification type, lock screen and more. If you are looking for How To Fix Google Play Error 101 In Android and how to fix Error 101 Solution, then this article is for you.

Google Play Store enhances the usage of Android device by providing a wide range of apps. However, besides the advantages of both Android and Google Play Store, there are many errors associated with Android devices and Google Play Store. One of the many errors on Android is Google Play Store error 101. Do you know What Is Error 101? Google Play Error 101 is seen while downloading apps from the Google Play Store. In this article, we are going to discuss How to Fix Google Play Error 101 In Android easily.

Google Play Store error 101 is mainly seen on older versions Android devices (mostly version 4.0 or less). When the user tries to download, install or update apps from Google Play Store, the download cancels and a pop up reading “App could not be downloaded due to an error. (-101)” appears on the screen.

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Fix Google Play Error 101 In Android

With many advantages, Android has some flaws too. The bugs- mainly problem codes which seem through the installment, or just the procedure that is download from the Play Shop are one. There are numerous error codes which come in the Google Play Shop, and we have posted most of them’s perfect solution is beforehand.

Fix Google Play Error 101 In Android

Fix Google Play Error 101 In Android

Google Play Error 101 can be one of these- it does not appear to have resolved from the Google yet although it is over the age of my grandmother. The phones obtaining this problem are primarily older versions. The symptom of this 101 error is that if you make an effort to download any programs like FB, Viber, WhatsApp, Flipboard, Skype from Google Play Retailer, there comes a popup making us know that the download continues to be ended, and displays ‘App could not be saved because of error. (-101).

Reasons for error 101:

  • Error 101 due to data crash or cache problem.
  • Wrong authentication of Gmail Account.

Method 1: Clear Cache and Data

  • Navigate to Settings > Go to Application Manager and find Google Play Store in the installed apps list.
  • Find the option for Clear Cache and Clear Data Options.
  • Click on them and Restart Your Phone.
  • This will erase all the cache and data and help you with how To Fix Error 101 On Android.

Method 2: Re-configuring Google Account

  • Go to Settings > Accounts and Sync > Google Account.
  • Remove Google Account > Add you google account again.
  • Now try installing apps from play store.

Hope you were able to solve “App could not be downloaded due to error-101″ error using above methods. Comment below if you’re still getting this error after How To Fix Error 101 On Android guide.

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