Best 5 Prank Call Apps for Android

Prank Call Apps for Android: There are millions of Applications are available for Android smartphones and tablets for free. Users can easily upload and download Apps on Google Play Store. Today we are going to tell you about some best 5 Prank Calling Apps For Android  Smartphones for free. Free prank calls are the best way to irritate peoples using calls. There are many Prank Call Apps for Android available that changes your number and allow you to call people with using a different fake number. Also, free prank calls from your computer can be done using such apps. Yes, there are several apps available that you can use both on Android smartphone and computer using Android Emulators. If you are looking for best Android Emulators for Windows 10 then check this article. We have listed down some popular and free Android Emulators for Windows OS.

Many Android users are searching for Prank Call App That Changes Your Number and Free Prank Dial apps for a prank call. There are many Free Prank Calls Unlimited apps are available on Google Play Store but few of them actually works. So in this article, we will list down Free Prank Calls From Your Computer and Fake Call Prank App for Smartphones and tablets.

The list of Prank Caller Apps 2017 includes top 5 apps and whatever your motive, here are 5 prank apps for Android. It doesn’t actually fake calls like those apps above, but you can use these Fake Call Prank Apps to make prank calls online.

Looking for Prank Caller App for Android – best Prank call apps 2017 for your phone? Pranks likely have existed, in some manner or another, since the birth of humanity. With growth in mobile technology, the tactics of fake calls or Fake calls have improved significantly previously several years. The very best methods for building your pals to use into fun or insanity are actually at your fingertips. Its no surprise that various purposes which may let you accomplish different pranks have rapidly built their way to the software stores. A prank call is a great way to make fun of your friends. Beware that prank calling could place you in trouble.

Everybody knows that Prank Calls are those whose caller id is not visible to us. There are numerous programs available on Google Play shop that may try this for you.

Note: This application is for fun and Prank uses and mustn’t be used for any illegal uses while you might get tracked easily. Using the help of these programs, you will have to fill your details and hide them while making any nuisance phone to any number.

Best 5 Prank Call Apps for Android

Prank are popular nowadays and everyone is doing pranks for YouTube mostly. There are many prank youtube channels available so that you can also create any prank video and upload your video there. Using these prank call apps, you can call anyone with a different number and shock them. You can find hundreds of prank call numbers using prank call app online.

 Prank Call Apps
1Change Voice While Calling
2Fake Call Prank
3Vip Call Prank
4Scary Ghost Call Prank
5FunCall voice changer

Best 5 Prank Call Apps for Android

The beauty of using Android OS is, you can change everything in Android Smartphone. There is some dedicated prank call for Android smartphones and tablets. You can set any fake caller ID or number and then do a prank phone calls. Like Android, you can also find Prank Call Apps for iOS. keep in mind that these Prank Call Applications are for fun purpose only. Do not use these free prank calls for any other purpose. We have tested these best prank apps free on many Android devices including Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Moto G4 Plus, HTC one M8, Lg G3 and Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime.

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Here we are going to post some best and most popular Prank Call Apps for Android and iOS that you can use to do a prank on your friends or family by calling them with some unknown number and voice. Here are top 5 free Prank Call Apps for you. Using these free prank call dialer apps, you can change caller ID as well as Call voice (prank call app with voice changer), allow you to perform free prank calls unlimited.

1.  Change Voice While Calling – Best free prank call App

Change Voice while Calling is a free Prank Calling apps, comes with a prank call voice changer app so that you can change voice while calling and set another person’s voice. You can select any voice from Woman’s voice, Man voice, Kid voice, Robot voice and others. This is the best Prank Call Apps. Download and install this app for Android smartphones and tablets.

2. Fake Call Prank

Fake Call Prank is a simple Prank Call Apps and also very famous for its UI and features. You can do prank phone calls with a phone. This is one of the simplest prank apps for Android. To do free prank calls, all you have to do is just enter a number from which you will be getting a call. You can also set a timer.

3. Vip Call Prank

Vip Call Prank is available for all Android versions and smartphone. tablets.VIP Call Prank is a best prank calling apps allow you to change your caller id. You can set Caller images, Names and Mobile number of any your selected Vip Persons. Install this app and irritate your friend with this prank call app.

4. Scary Ghost Call Prank

This is a Scary Prank Call Apps for Android and comes with a unique prank call dialer. You can hide your identity on calling to your friend or family and call them with another caller ID. You can find many prank call numbers for free prank calls. You can also set caller image as a Scary ghost.

5. FunCall voice changer

FunCall voice changer is a popular voice changer app for Android smartphone and tablets. This one of the advanced prank call app for Android, lets you change your voice when you are at call with your friend with scary and funny voice. Also, this app allows users to record voice in a different voice and send it.

Hope this guide on Best Prank Call Apps for Android will help you to make free prank calls and change voice on Android Phone.  Share this article if you liked and comment on your views.

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